We process cotton for you with care with 70 bin m² covered area and 350 expert personnel. With our 50 years of experience, we, as the pioneer of our sector, have opened the way for many innovations until today and contributed the economy of the country.

Our products

Uçak Tekstil produces, in addition to knit fabric, ring yarn, vortex yarn, open-end yarn, and ring mélange yarn.

Yarn Group

We have the daily capacity to produce 12.000 kg open-end yarn, 8.000 kg ring yarn, 12.000 kg vortex yarn, and 6.000 kg ring mélange ring.

Knit Fabric Group

We have the daily capacity to produce 8.000 kg knit fabric.

50years of experience
600+corporate customers

• Organic

With the impact of global pollution, coming to a size threatening all living creatures in today’s world, the environment consciousness of mankind is increasing every day. Today, the demand for organic textile products is increasing every passing day. The organic textile products, appears in many international exhibition organizations, can be accessed to easily in fashion stores, supermarkets, in shops selling natural products, in special boutique stores, and over internet especially in the developed countries. We, as Ucak Tekstil, give priority to sustainable organic production in our capacity with the sensitivity we feel for the ecological balance of the nature. The products of Ucak Tekstil, containing organic cotton, are certified by GOTS.

Our job is to product the most quality products for you.

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