With our 70 thousand m² closed area and 350 specialized personnel, we process cotton carefully for you. With 50 years of experience, as the pioneer of our sector, we have opened the door to many innovations and contributed to the economy of our country.

Our Products

As Uçak Tekstil, we produce ring yarn, vortex yarn, open-end yarn and ring melange yarn as well as knitted fabric.

Yarn Group

We have a daily production capacity of 12,000 kg open-end yarn, 8,000 kg ring yarn, 12,000 kg vortex yarn and 6,000 kg ring melange yarn.

Knitted Fabric Group

We have a daily knitted fabric production capacity of 8000 kg.

50years of experience
600+corporate customer


In today’s world, the environmental awareness of human beings is increasing every day with the effect of global pollution reaching a dimension that threatens all living lives. Today, the demand for organic textile products is increasing day by day. Organic textile products, which appear in many international fair organizations, are easily accessible in fashion stores, supermarkets, natural products stores, special boutique shops and on the internet, especially in developed countries. As Uçak Tekstil, our sensitivity to the ecological balance of nature gives priority to sustainable organic production in our production. Uçak Tekstil’s products containing Organic Cotton are certified by GOTS.

Our job is to produce the best quality products for you.

UÇAK TEXTILE is among the suppliers with Inditex-approved “Join Life” label eligibility.